Marital  Therapy

India has been named as world suicide capital in the recent WHO report on mental health with suicide rate of 21 per one lakh population. It also states that by 2020 India will have highest number of mental health cases.

Unfortunately majority of the cases do not even reach mental health professionals owing to the lack of identification of ailment as one requiring psychiatric consultation. 

As Psychiatrists we acknowledge our duty to spread the awareness regarding mental illnesses and myths. We conduct highly focused and interactive seminars/workshops for Schools/ Colleges customized as per the requirement in both Hindi and English covering variety of topics related to mental health .

We believe in up-to-date information dissemination in most understandable way possible, rather than flattering jargon. Event can be booked by contacting us at least 15 days in advance. We collect necessary information from the institute and after consulting the need and requirement, we customise our presentation. 

Psychotherapeutic  interventions


Holistic psychiatry implies treating the “whole” person. The body, mind and conscious (and unconscious) thought, feelings and emotional reactions, interconnectedness to family, friends and the world, and finally the soul and connection to spirit are all taken into consideration in the process of treatment and healing. 
Early intervention and treatment of depression and whole range of psychiatric, psychological and behavioural problems are addressed in a comprehensive and holistic manner. Assessments are detailed, with thorough evaluation of presentation and personal background.
Additionally, Dr. Singh believes that educating the person and family about treatment plan and prognosis (outcome) of illness/difficulties is a key to good quality care. Treatment emphasis may be on psychotherapy (talk therapy and counselling) and life style advice, with integrated evidence based medicinal intervention where appropriate. Dr. S​ingh prefers to avoid polypharmacy (multiple medication) and prescribes minimal required dose for needed duration.


 Productivity of any firm depends upon the performance of its employees. Which inturn depends upon their mental well being. Todays fast-paced lifestyle of better oppurtunities and newer ways of social interactions puts everyone at risk to newer kinds of stress. These stress could be at the workplace or in closer relationships. In most of the cases its too late before the professional help is sought to address these issues.

A better understanding of origin of these stress and modifications needed to alleviate it may help an individual to maximize output in his profession.

We conduct highly specialized seminars/workshops for corporate employees targeting on their specific stressors including time management, problem solving skills, peer pressure, office bullying, relationship problems, stress management etc.

We take insights from the concerned superiors identifying the real issues at hand in a particular firm and accordingly customize our presentations.

​Event can be booked by contacting us at least 1 month in advance. 

Awareness  Initiative

Relationship that takes the major toll of the changed 21st century Indian society is marriage. Strained marriages affect children the most and biased interventions by the third person make the matters worse.

Couples need professional help in such cases but are hardly adviced by anyone.

Marital Therapy focuses unbiasedly on the causes of such strained relationship including communication pattern, mutual respect, dysfunctional behavior, unmet needs of partner etc. 

Marital Therapy involves regular once or twice-weekly sessions of one hour each, spread over a couple of months and requires motivation of both partners to take healthy criticism and home assignments.

At times the signicant others are also involved to maximize the benefits but only after due permission of the couple. Confidentiality of the couple remains our high priority.

corporate  services

Psychotherapy can be sought for resolution of past issues/conflict affecting the present and/or for improvement in presentation (symptoms) that may be affecting functioning and behaviour.

For many it may be a means for awareness, insight and personal growth.Typically psychotherapy may be advised for depression, anxiety, stress related issues, domestic and marital conflict, self-esteem and confidence issues, relationship and intimacy problems, relapse prevention, addiction and psychosomatic illness. 

Dr. Singh offers an integrated psychotherapeutic approach combining Cognitive Behavioral, Motivational and Mindfulness based therapies. He uses Freudian and Jungian psychoanalytical approach to increase the individuals consciousness in order to move toward psychological balance and wholeness, and to bring relief and meaning to psychological suffering.The goal of psychotherapy is to help you improve your life by allowing you to see it in a new way.

Dr.Ashutosh Singh, Consultant Psychiatrist, Apollo Hospitals Indore